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KU8210M - 8 Day Musical Chalet "The Eloper"

KU8210M - 8 Day Musical Chalet "The Eloper"

Frankenmuth Clock Company

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KU8210M - 8 Day Musical Chalet "The Eloper"

The bird cuckoos on the hour and half hour. After the clock cuckoos on the full hour it will play one of two melodies ("Edelweiss" & "The Happy Wanderer" while the dancers rotate, the young boy climbs up and down the ladder to see his lover as she leans towards him, and her father threatens him with his pitchfork. The clock also features hand carved trees, a small shed, and a dog, and a water fountain. Six feet of chain will hang below the clock with three pine cone shaped cast weights. Wooden dial, hands, and cuckoo bird. Night Shut Off Lever.

Measures approximately H: 17" x W: 14.5" x D: 8.5"

2 Year Warranty
Genuine Certified Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Made in Germany

List Price $3,889.00

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