Quality Cuckoo Clock Repair Parts

Frankenmuth Clock & German Gift Co.: Authentic, Quality Cuckoo Clock Repair Parts

At Frankenmuth Clock & German Gift Co., we take pride in delivering exceptional clock repair services. Many of our customers turn to us to turn back the hands of time on their cuckoo clocks to restore them to pristine conditions, and we use only the highest-quality parts and components when performing a repair. However, we do not stop there when it comes to delivering exceptional product quality and customer satisfaction.

In addition to selling authentic, handcrafted German clocks, Frankenmuth Clock & German Gift Co. specializes in clock repairs while providing a wide variety of clock parts to help you restore an older cuckoo clock, or perhaps make upgrades to a newer model clock. Whether you have a cuckoo clock that is several decades old or was made just a few months ago, we carry a diverse range of replacement parts and components designed to restore your cuckoo clock to working, reliable order.