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Parts: Cuckoo Clocks, Quartz Cuckoo Clocks & Miniature Clocks

Frankenmuth Clock Company: Authentic, Quality Cuckoo Clock Repair Parts

In addition to selling authentic, handcrafted German clocks, Frankenmuth Clock Company specializes in clock repairs, providing a wide variety of clock replacement parts to help you restore an older cuckoo clock, or perhaps make upgrades to a newer model clock.

Frankenmuth Clock Company offers a wide variety of products to update your cuckoo clock including handmade top and bottom carvings made in Germany, unique birds and accessories for your cuckoo clock, novelty pendulums, high-quality cuckoo weights, and replacement clock hands.

If you are looking to repair an older model or broken cuckoo clock, we have a wide variety of parts available for online order and shipping. Available parts include cuckoo o-ring material, pendulums, chain hooks and ends, hand nut sets, winding keys and cranks, replacement hands, and much more.