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KU1101nu -  1 Day 7 Leaf 3 Bird Cuckoo Clock

KU1101nu - 1 Day 7 Leaf 3 Bird Cuckoo Clock

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KU1101nu -  1 Day 7 Leaf 3 Bird Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clock is a quintessential classic cuckoo clock. Imported straight from Germany, this clock is crafted of high-quality wood and finished with a luxurious walnut stain. This one day cuckoo clock is the perfect embodiment of German craftsmanship.

Handcrafted in the German tradition, this authentic cuckoo clock features three beautiful hand carved birds; two at the sides and one prominently perched atop the clock. The clock also features seven leaves, artfully placed around the face of the clock to complement this one-of-a-kind piece. The clock also features ornate wooden clock hands and impeccable attention to detail in the clock face and carvings.

This cuckoo clock features two classic iron cast pine cone weights with a six-foot-long chain. The clock will cuckoo every hour on the hour, as well as once on every half hour.

Measures Approximately: H: 10 ½" x W: 7" x D: 5"

2 Year Warranty
Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Made in Germany
List Price: $479.00

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