Troubleshooting your Howard Miller Clock

by Gregory Burton

Troubleshooting your Howard Miller Clock

Howard Miller clocks are elegant timepieces that are built to last. But even the best clocks will experience some hiccups over the years. If your grandfather clock is suddenly out of tune or the pendulum isn’t operating as it should, here are a few tips for troubleshooting your Howard Miller clock

When the Pendulum Isn’t Functioning Properly

If the pendulum of your clock has stopped swinging here’s what to do:

Pull up the weights and check to see that they are positioned correctly. The heaviest weight should be on the right side when you’re looking at the clock. If they are properly positioned, look at the hour and minute hands on the clock to make sure they aren’t touching. Often, this can be the reason why your clock has stopped working.

If they are touching, you can carefully readjust them by moving the hour hand in the direction of the dial without touching it. If that hasn’t changed their positioning enough, then you can move the minute hand too. Just be careful and avoid touching the dial during this process.

Alternatively, there could be a few other reasons why the pendulum stops. Check to see if the clock hands are touching the glass pane. If they are, just bend them back so there is enough clearance between them and the front glass. 

If the hands are positioned ok, double-check that your clock is level on the ground. Certain Howard Miller clocks won’t operate properly if it’s isn’t completely level on the ground.

The Chimes Are Off

There are many reasons why the tune of your clock can chime out of sequence. In most cases, you can simply adjust the time and then the clock will run and jump back into sequence. If this isn’t the case for your clock, then you will likely have to reposition the minute hand. To do this, move it every 15 minutes until it strikes the hour. Then remove the minute hand by unscrewing it and reposition it to point to the hour. Place it back in and see if that does the trick.

Cleaning It

Howard Miller Grandfather clocks can collect lots of dust and debris which can impact their ability to function properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help it operate longer without experiencing any problems. We recommend winding the clock every 7 days, clean it using designated wax and polish when cleaning your home, and ensure the door of the clock is closed and locked to prevent dirt and dust from entering.

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