6 Tips for Buying an Authentic German Clock

by Gregory Burton

6 Tips for Buying an Authentic German Clock

Do you know how to tell the difference between an authentic German clock and an imitation? There are some key differences that are important to know about if you’re planning to purchase one – namely the quality. Here are six tips for buying an authentic German clock.

Make Sure It’s Certified

Authentic cuckoo clocks are made in the Black Forest Region of Germany where they have been handcrafted for over 300 years. These are made from skilled clockmakers using quality wood and precision techniques. But there are many fake imitations of German clocks today which can make it difficult to find an authentic one. Luckily, there’s a certification that identifies authenticity. When you’re shopping, look for the Black Forest Clock Association seal and certificate of authenticity.

Choose Your Design

The cuckoo clock comes in a variety of whimsical and interesting styles. We recommend browsing through them all, including the Traditional, Chalet, Railroad House, Vintage, Shield, and Modern styles. It’s fun to see all of the unique creations before finding the one you love the most.

Select the Movement You Prefer

The heart of the clock is its movement as this determines how it will keep time. This mechanism will also determine the clock’s life span, the accuracy of time, and how frequently you’ll need to wind it. So before you purchase, think about which style movement you prefer. Mechanical is what you will typically find in most authentic cuckoo clocks. The other major movement is quartz which is battery operated. This can make maintenance easier but will require new batteries regularly.

Learn How to Use It

These clocks are ornate and have unique features that every owner should know how to operate. This includes knowing how to silence it so you’re not startled during the night to the sounds of German drinking songs. We recommend asking your clock expert to show you how to operate it.

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