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      Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

      There’s a reason why Howard Miller is such a renowned name throughout the clock industry. For decades, it has been the symbolic brand of quality timepieces built to last and designed to impress. Howard Miller was a German native and eventually moved to Michigan where he continued to make and sell his infamous floor clocks. Today, his quality pieces have and continue to be revered by collectors from all over the world.

      A Skilled Clock Maker

      Howard Miller grew up in the Black Forest region of Germany where many of the greatest clockmakers in the world originated from. The art of clock making was embedded here and Miller’s father was a master at his craft. Howard began to learn the skill of clock making under his father’s supervision and began to infuse his own innovative creations to add new imaginative twists to this old-world skill. Today, his clocks continue to combine steadfast quality with modern movements and designs to offer something truly unique and long-lasting

      Renowned for Quality

      Miller was a young and ambitious entrepreneur who set up his clock-making business in Zeeland, Michigan in 1929 at the age of 21. He had a stern and stubborn mindset for producing nothing but the best, which is why many of his clocks, including the Howard Miller grandfather clocks, are still recognized as some of the finest today. These are still made with unsurpassed quality and precision.

      A Range of Styles to Choose From

      Howard Miller grandfather floor clocks might be the most infamous of the brand, but there is a wide range of other designs to choose from today. Initially, Miller produced only wall and mantel timepieces, but he decided to elevate his craft around the 1960s to produce grandfather clocks as well. These towering masterpieces as prized collectibles that set the standard of excellence for floor clocks.

      When you want the best quality clock that’s designed with precision and elegance, Howard Miller floor clocks are the answer. These are undoubtedly among the best in the world and are made with a level of quality that you just can’t find these days. At Frankenmuth Clock Company, we carry a range of Howard Miller clocks for you to browse. These are made with beautiful, elegant finishes that will add a touch of Old World character to your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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