Our Guide to Choosing a Howard Miller Clock

by Gregory Burton

The Howard Miller clock company is the signature of excellence in clock design and manufacturing. This highly respected brand is the one to turn to when you want a clock that will capture attention and last for decades (if not centuries). Featuring both traditional and modern clock styles, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. If you’re not sure which style is best for your home or office, here is a quick guide to help you decide. 

Floor Clocks

Howard Miller has a reputation for designing the most grandiose floor clocks in the world, and you can’t go wrong with selecting any of them. Choose from golden oak or cherry bordeaux finishes with select hardwoods and veneers. Many of these designs include brushed silver and polished brass parts, along with crystal-cut grooved glass with gorgeous decorative mouldings and Westminster chimes. There’s nothing quite like the high precision and intricate designs of a Howard Miller floor clock.

Mantel Clocks

The mantel clock collection by Howard Miller is parallel to none. Rich details, graceful carvings, decorative details, and high-quality hardwoods and materials make these tambour mantel clocks designed to impress. More modern designs are also available in many unique and fascinating shapes that can be used to accent your living room décor or to stand out on its own.

Tabletop Clocks

If you’re looking for the perfect gift or something to give your office a little more flair, Howard Miller offers an incredible selection of old-time and modern tabletop clocks. So whether you prefer the classic wooden-styled arched shape with polished nickel and waterfall bezels, or if you are looking for something more unique like a finished brass model that plays Christmas songs, there’s a tabletop clock for everyone’s personal taste.

Wall Clocks

There are wall clocks, and then there are Howard Miller wall clocks. The traditional, superior designs are sure to make a statement in any room. Choose from the classic hardwood models with rich detailing, uniquely shaped wrought iron cast finishes, or contemporary designs. 

Whatever type of clock you are looking for, Howard Miller has a full lineup of the most beautiful and well-made designs. Visit us in-store or online to view all of the classic and contemporary Howard Miller clocks, including their most popular designs. With hundreds of clocks to choose from, you can always find the right one for any room or occasion at Frankenmuth Clock & German Gift Co.