How to Move a Grandfather Clock

by Gregory Burton

How to Move a Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Grandfather clocks are remarkable timepieces that often get passed down from generations and have sentimental value. They’re made with intricate detail and components which is why they need extra care when it’s time to move. If you have a grandfather clock that you need to transport, here are some key things to remember.

Get the Necessary Supplies and Help

Before you move your grandfather clock, you’ll need to gather some items to make the process easier. Essential supplies include padding or bubble wrap, gloves, a dolly, moving blankets, and in some cases, a crate. Also, since most Howard Miller Grandfather clocks are quite heavy, ask a strong friend or family member for help.

Disassemble and Remove Glass Panels

The delicate components of the clock need to be removed before you attempt to move it anywhere. Start by removing the glass panels and wrap them thoroughly. Label them clearly as fragile so they can be manoeuvred with extra care.

Secure Chains

To prevent the chains from getting twisted and tangled up, you’ll need to tape them together. To do this, reach into the side panel and crank the weights. Once they’re at the top, hold and secure them with the tape.

Remove the Weights and Wrap

After you’ve taped them up, take out the weights one at a time. Have wrapping paper or bubble wrap on hand to protect them. Then, label each one so you can easily identify exactly where you removed them from so they can be placed in their correct location once you reassemble the clock.

Unhook Pendulum

The pendulum will need to be taken out as well. Once you stop it from swaying, unhook it, wrap it up, and label it.

Disassemble Top of the Clock

Some grandfather clocks won’t have a removable top piece. But if yours does, remove it, wrap it, and place it in a box.

Transporting to the Truck

Once everything has been disassembled and safely wrapped, it’s time to move the clock to your vehicle or truck. These clocks can weigh up to 200 pounds, so you’ll need to be very careful when lifting and manoeuvring them. First, add padding and blankets all around the clock. You can either slide it into a large box or crate. Then carefully place it onto a dolly and place it into the truck. 

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