Here are 4 Popular Clock Styles for You to Consider

by Gregory Burton

Here are 4 Popular Clock Styles for You to Consider


Feel like your mantel, feature wall, or bedside table could use a little something? Well, with their versatility in style and design and their practical use, clocks make the perfect décor piece anywhere at home or in the office. But choosing the best one to complement your particular style and space can be challenging, especially with the broad choice that’s available today. To help narrow down your timepiece selection, here are a few of the most popular clock styles for you to consider.

Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo clocks are whimsical and colourful timepieces that showcase the craft and talent from some of the world’s most skilled clockmakers. These classic clocks compliment rustic and traditional style homes best, but they always make for a great conversational piece no matter where you hang them.

Mantel Clocks

As the name indicates, these clocks are made to be perched up over the fireplace or really on any surface that you desire. Mantel clocks are a popular choice since they’re usually smaller, easier to move around and can be found in a range of style, from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional with notes of old world charm. These are best for flat, bare surfaces.

Large Gallery Clocks

If you have a large bare wall that’s in desperate need of a décor piece, a large gallery clock is ideal. With a variety of different styles –from chic and modern, to refurbished vintage, to industrial, you can never go wrong with this popular clock style. Plus, you can find a great versatility in frames to compliment your particular space.

Grandfather Clocks

These grandeur and classic timepieces are what many consider a statement piece. Grandfather clocks command attention and space, which is why they also require a little more planning and wiggle room in your budget. However, if you’re looking to create a focal feature in your home that can be admired and even passed down through generations, this is the style to go with.

Clocks make an ideal décor piece no matter where you place them. They’re practical, classic and versatile, offering so many different designs and styles to suit your particular taste. At Frankenmuth Clock Company, we carry each of these popular clock styles for you to consider. Hop online and browse through our entire collection or come by our storefront location for any clock-related service and repairs you need.