5 Benefits of Shopping at Frankenmuth

by Gregory Burton

5 Benefits of Shopping at Frankenmuth Clock & German Gift Co.

Wondering what makes our Frankenmuth Clock Company a leading choice for all things clock-related? Find out more about us and what the benefits of shopping at Frankenmuth include.

Full Service Clock Repair

At Frankenmuth, we are your one-stop-shop for all things clock-related. We make it easy to access the services you need, including a full suite of clock repair services. Whether your clock has completely stopped, needs a replacement part or isn’t keeping time as it should, our experts will find a solution for it. We can tackle just about any type of clock you have, including specialty clocks and grandfather clocks. You can trust our team to handle any delicate timepieces with the utmost care, precision, and expertise.

Trained Technicians Available for Consultation

Our trained technicians are well versed and experienced with every type of clock. We also have a particular focus on cuckoo clock repairs too. If something has happened to your timepiece, we are here to offer our expert advice. You can give us a call and send pictures of your clock, and one of our technicians will answer any of your questions. We offer consultations to help our customers get to the bottom of any issue.

We Offer a Wide Selection

Beyond our repair services, we sell a wide range of clocks, including authentic German cuckoo clocks, quartz and novelty clocks, miniature clocks, table clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, Howard Miller Grandfather clocks, and more. As an ode to our German roots, we also sell unique German souvenirs and handcrafted German gifts including authentic incense smokers, nutcrackers, pyramids, schwibbogen & light arches, candle holders, wooden figurines and toys, all crafted in the Erzgebirge region of Seiffen, Germany.

We Sell Clock Parts

If you’re in need of a specific piece for your clock, you can also find specialty clock parts in our online store. Whether you’re looking to replace novelty hands, nuts, brass pendulums, cuckoo clock pendulums, standard movement replacement parts, oil tubes, antique chains, daytime side-chain wheels or something else, we likely carry it.

Supporting Small Businesses

At Frankenmuth Clock Company, we are passionate about clocks and we love what we do. We enjoy being able to offer our expertise to others, fixing sentimental timepieces or helping our customers find the perfect piece for their home. Each time you decide to shop online or at our store, you’re helping to support our business too, which is something we are always grateful for.