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KU82528M - 8 Day Musical Chalet w/ Bears Fully Carved

8 Day Musical Chalet w/ Bears - Fully Carved #8 Size

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KU82528M - 8 Day Musical Chalet w/ Bears Fully Carved 

This magnificiently carved Black Forest cuckoo clock features two large carved bears with their cub between them. Two birds are perched outside of the dancing platform near the top of the clock. A mixture of pine leaves & pine trees add to the decoration of the clock. The clock will cuckoo the hour each hour. After it cuckoos the hour, it will play one of two melodies on the extended play 36 note Reuge Swiss music box. The songs are "The Mill in the Black Forest" & "The Happy Wanderer". The clock will also cuckoo once on the half hour, but no melody will play afterward. 6 Feet of chain will hang below the clock along with 3 pine cone shaped cast weights. 8 Day mechanical weight driven movement. Walnut stain.

Measures Approximately: H: 38" X W: 22" X D: 14"

**Comes Standard with 3 Cast Metal Pine Cone Shaped Weights**

**Wooden Weights as Pictured are an add-on** Please Call for Pricing**

Genuine Certified Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Made in Germany
2 Year Warranty
List Price $11,800.00

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