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KU6275M - 1 Day Musical Sawer & Wood Chopper

1 Day Musical Sawer & Wood Chopper

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KU6275M - 1 Day Musical Sawer and Chopper Cuckoo Clock

The clock will cuckoo the hour each hour, and once n the half hour. After cuckooing it will play 1 of 2 melodies (Edelweiss & The Happy Wanderer) while the waterwheel spins, the dancers turn around the balcony, the men saw a log & a man chops some wood. Wooden dial, wooden hands, and wooden cuckoo bird. Six feet of chain will hang below clock with 3 pine cone shaped cast weights. Night Shut Off Lever.

Measures approximately H: 17" x W: 15" x D: 8"
Genuine Certified Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.  
Made in Germany.
2 Year Warranty

List Price $2,093.00

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