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1 Day 5 Leaf 1 Bird Cuckoo

1 Day 5 Leaf Cuckoo Clock

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KU11002nu - 1 Day 5 Leaf Cuckoo Clock

The 5 leaf cuckoo clock is one of the most popular in our collection. With handcrafted wooden finishes, we take pride in offering high-quality German clocks to enthusiasts that share our passion in North America, and across the world. We have relationships with some of the finest cuckoo clock craftsmen in Germany, routinely travelling back to source new products for our store.       

As with many of Frankenmuth Clock Company’s inventory, this one-day cuckoo clock is traditionally-made in Germany. The clock features five carefully carved leaves artfully placed around the clock face, and a regal bird perched atop the clock. The intricate wooden clock hands and a chiming cuckoo bird, finished with a rich stain, add another Bavarian touch to this fan favorite. Every piece of this clock is artfully designed with care and attention to detail.

The clock will cuckoo each hour on the hour, and once on the half hour. Six feet of chain will hang below the clock, complete with two premium pinecone shaped cast weights. The clock also features a night shut-off lever for your convenience. Add this unique piece to your collection to add a taste of the German tradition to your home.


Measures approximately H: 12" x W: 8" x D: 5"
2 Year Warranty
Made in Germany
List Price: $215.00

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