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Quartz Musical Cuckoo Clock with Man and Child

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Quartz Musical Cuckoo Clock with Man and Child

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KU4238QM - Quartz Musical Cuckoo with Man and Child

Clock will cuckoo the hour on each hour. After the cuckoo, it will play 1 of 12 melodies. As the melodies play, the waterwheel turns while the man instructs the boy with a stick. Automatic Night Shut-Off feature turns the cuckoo & music off when the room becomes dark. Pendulum swings continuously behind 2 plastic faux weights. Quartz, battery operated.

 List of QM Melodies:  

  1. Happy Wanderer 
  2.  Edelweiss 
  3.  Dr. Zhivago 
  4.  Swan Lake 
  5.  He was beautifull (Theme song “Deer Hunter”) 
  6.  Lorelei 
  7.  Home sweet Home 
  8.  Sound of Silence 
  9.  Clementine 1
  10. The Entertainer (Theme song from “Sting”) 
  11.  Love Theme of the movie “The Godfather” 
  12.  Fur Elise

Measures Approximately: H: 12" x W: 10 ½" x D: 6"
Requires 3 C-Cell Batteries, Included.
Made in Germany
List Price: $456.00

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