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Black Regulator

Black Regulator

Frankenmuth Clock Company™

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70991-740761 - Black Regulator 

Stunning modern31 Day running regulator clock with an elegant piano-finish case. An interesting feature of the case is the shadow gap, that is colored differently from the rest of the case.  

Features include: 

- Stunning Black Piano finished modern case which is glazed on 4 sides.

- High quality 31 Day running weight driven mechanism (31 days between winds).

- Graham escapement with ruby pallets

- The mechanism has both ruby and precision ball bearings for greater accuracy and longevity. Carbon fiber rod pendulum.

Measures Approximately: H: 33 ¾” x W: 10 ¼” x D” 4 ¾”
2 Year Warranty
Made in Germany
List Price $6,399.00

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