250/028 - 'Steckhalma' Chinese Checkers Game
250/028 - &

250/028 - 'Steckhalma' Chinese Checkers Game

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250/028 - 'Steckhalma' Chinese Checkers Game

The well-known classic game 'Steckhalma' is now also made entirely of wood. This guarantees fun and brain teasers for young and old! How to play: First you place all 33 pieces on the playing field and take a piece of your choice. The task of the game is to skip a piece and to remove the piece you skipped. Your aim is to leave as few pawns standing as possible. You can only jump forwards or backwards, as well as right or left. A diagonal jump is not allowed. FEATURES: * sturdy wooden box with sliding lid * Colorants that are harmless to health * CE approved * educational valuable * Mind exercise for young and old * suitable as a travel game CONTENT: * 1 sturdy wooden box with sliding lid * 33 pawns * Playing field integrated in the wooden box * Compartment for characters 

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