Why Do We Have a Passion for All Things Clocks?

by Gregory Burton

Why Do We Have a Passion for All Things Clocks?


Clocks are our business and our passion, which is why we’ve dedicated decades of our lives to selling quality timepieces manufactured in Germany. Why do we have such a passion for all things clocks? Let us show you why we love them so much and what makes our business our hobby.

Expressive Nature

A clock is a simple way for people to express themselves and their unique style. And, unlike a fancy car that sits in a garage, a clock can be displayed where everyone can see it — in your home, office, or gallery. At Frankenmuth Clock Company, we love each unique clock design and how well they function as a décor piece.


A clock is one of those rare items that can look good while also encompassing functionality and craftsmanship. The clocks we sell are made with precision craftsmanship that has been utilized for centuries focusing on meticulous attention to detail.

Authentic Handcrafting

We love every intricate piece that goes into a clock – the ornate, brass pendulum, the fine vintage wood, and the complex mechanisms that are often found in authentic, handcrafted timepieces. Many of the older clocks we sell are antiques that date back to the Black Forest area of Germany in the 1700s. This is where clocks were originally made by hand, and today, they continue that legacy in the Black Forest.


A fine-crafted clock never depreciates in value. In fact, a clock is always a worthy investment that can be passed down through generations. And many of our German clocks are antique pieces that are always increasing in value.

Simple Pleasure

For us, our obsession with clocks is all about simple pleasures. Although it’s our job, it feels more like a hobby. We enjoy the intricacies that go into these time pieces, and the skills that were passed down through generation to generation. Clock collecting and repair allows us to connect with other like-minded people, share our passion, and do what we enjoy.

Our love for clocks shines through everything we do. That’s why we have thousands of satisfied customers to date that trust Frankenmuth Clock Company with their clock purchases and repairs. You’ll always find the best service when you shop at Frankenmuth. We’ll even take the time to answer all your questions and show you how each clock works before you purchase. Come visit our full-service shop today — we offer and repair all types of antique, modern, and specialty clocks. In fact, we’re the largest full-service clock store in all of the Midwest!