The History of the German Climbing Woodpecker

by Gregory Burton

The History of the German Climbing Woodpecker

German climbing woodpeckers and other climbing figurines have been popular souvenirs and toys cherished throughout the country for decades. Read on to learn more about the history of the German Climbing Woodpecker below. 

The German Climbing Woodpecker

Not many people know that Woodpeckers are climbers. Their bodies are actually designed to climb up a tree and hammer their peak into the bark. Their feet have two toes that point forward and two that point backwards which help them maneuver easily up the tree. The long tail helps them balance, while their sharp bills let them peck away to chisel into the tree to find food or excavate nest holes. The German Climbing Woodpecker toy was first crafted in the German Ore Mountains to symbolize these beautiful bird species that can be spotted across Europe.

German Climbing Toys

The woodpecker is not the only popular German climbing toy. There are a number of collectibles that are hand-painted and crafted in Germany that you can buy today. Easy to use and simple to learn, these climber toys are designed to wrap around your finger, with a small wooden ball that gets pulled in order to make the figurine climb its way up the rope.  

Here at the Frankenmuth Clock Company, we carry a full range of authentic, handcrafted German gifts and souvenirs, including the infamous woodpecker. 

Here are just a few of the German climbing toys you can find in our store for purchase:

Climbing Mountaineer

Not sure what to get a German relative for their birthday? A traditional climbing mountaineer will put a smile on their face. It looks just like the real thing, with a jacket and hat made of real wood and carefully painted with precision. 

Climbing Santa

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Our climbing Santa is the perfect little gift for the holiday season. Decorated with a hat, sack and beard, this climber is ideal to give to the kids or for that hard-to-please relative. 

Climbing Cowboy

Featuring a cowboy hat and pistol that climbs up and down the rope, this little souvenir will keep the kids occupied for hours. 

Climbing Monkey

We even stock rare climbing monkeys that are hard to find elsewhere. These adorable wooden figurines make an excellent gift for the novelty shopper on your list. 

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