The 5 Most Common Questions About Cuckoo Clocks

by Gregory Burton

The 5 Most Common Questions About Cuckoo Clocks


Are you as fascinated by cuckoo clocks as we are? At Frankenmuth Clock Company, we’re passionate about these meticulously crafted timepieces. The whimsical, unique designs are what makes them one of the most popular items that we sell. Learn more about these classic timepieces with our answers to five of the most common questions we get about cuckoo clocks.

Where are they Made?

Cuckoo clocks originated from the Black Forest region of Germany and are still produced from there today by the Black Forest Clock Association. This region is renowned for their quality timepieces, which can be seen in the traditional German craftsmanship and engineering used in each piece. Every original clock from here comes with a designated VDS certification to confirm its quality and to show customers that the clock is a genuine Black Forest creation.

How Does the Cuckoo Call Work?

Of course, in addition to the stunning designs, cuckoo clocks are also renowned for their infamous cuckoo calls. But how do they work? Well, each unique call is produced entirely by the clock’s movement. As the hands move and air fills in two chambers, it gets squeezed out through a whistle-like mechanism which creates the “cuckoo” sound.

What Type of Wood are they Made From?

The main type of wood that’s used for traditional cuckoo clocks comes from the Linden tree found throughout the Black Forest region. Maple is also used sometimes too. Both are chosen for their quality and ease of carving.

Do They Require Much Care or Maintenance?

Since these clocks are made and certified with the highest standards of quality, it’s rare for them to malfunction. They usually run for many years without experiencing any issues. However, to keep them in prime condition, having them cleaned and oiled every two is recommended by the manufacturers.

How Should I Mount my Cuckoo Clock?

Proper mounting is vital for the care of each clock. These clocks can often weigh more than 20 pounds, so they require a stable and secure place for hanging at least six feet off of the ground. Before mounting, always refer to the instructions provided and never hold it upside down.

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