Our Favorite Clock Brands

by Gregory Burton

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that our team at the Frankenmuth Clock company is obsessed with beautiful clocks. Not only have we dedicated our lives to clock retail and repair, but we’re also constantly adding unique and timeless clocks in our store that our customers will love. Here are 4 of our favourite clock brands that we always have on hand for our customers to buy.


Bulova has been around since 1875. Today, they are still recognized as one of the world leaders in clock design excellence. What makes Bulova stand out among the rest is their craftsmanship and forward-facing designs. Bulova also focuses on innovation and technology. So not only will you find classic clock designs, but also modern models with all the latest technological features.  Some of the unique Bulova designs that we offer include executive desk clocks, picture frame clocks, century mantel clocks, Bluetooth enabled mantel locks, contemporary metal wall clocks, solid oak cased wall clocks, and centigrade scale, and hygrometer wall clocks.


If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous desk clock, Dalvey has been crafting superior quality clock designs for over 100 years. The Dalvey brand is best known for its unique pocket watch timepieces but they also produce a line of popular desk clocks. Here at the Frankenmuth Clock Company, we carry a number of rare Dalvey designs including the compact clipper clock, and the distinctive flat pendant Grand Sedan model made and designed in Scotland.

Howard Miller

Traditional to modern, Howard Miller offers it all. With hundreds of clock designs to choose from, this well-known and respected clock brand is the one to turn to when you want a unique or specialty design. You can view all of the classic Howard Miller designs in our store including their popular decorative metal wire alarm clocks, crystal table clocks, high-gloss walnut table clocks, holiday-themed clocks, traditional hardwood pendulum mantel clocks, and their classic tambour style and curvy mantel clocks.


Franz Hermle is the world’s oldest clock manufacturer still operating today. For decades they have produced some of the most prestigious and recognized clock designs. And you can have one in your own home when you shop at the Frankenmuth Clock Company. We offer a wide range of some of the most popular Hermle clock designs. You’ll find timeless classics like the skeleton windup mantel clocks, pendulum glass table clocks, tambour mantel clocks, and funky modern options like the twisted steel pendulum clocks, tripod chrome-plated quarts mantel clock, and the Hermle Banjo style wall clock.

Browse our curated selection of the world’s finest clock brands below.