Our Favorite Alarm Clocks

by Gregory Burton

Our Favorite Alarm Clocks

Need an alarm clock that isn’t your phone? Here is a run down of our favourite alarm clocks to add to your nightstand.

Aden Alarm Clock

If you’re looking for something that’s elegant, modern, yet has a touch of 90s nostalgia, the Aden table clock will make a great addition to your nightstand. This sleek looking clock has a clean design that isn’t cumbersome or overbearing. Its durable glass body contrasts with black satin wooden edges, creating a charming piece that will work with almost any décor style you have. It also has a thicker glass base, making it extra sturdy so your cat can’t knock it off the table.  

Nightbright Alarm Clock

Worried about being kept awake with that constant ticking sound? Then the Nightbright alarm clock was made for you. This simplistic clock is compact and can easily fit on a surface with minimal space. It’s designed with a continuous sweep movement which glides the second hand without creating any noise as it moves. So you can sleep soundly until it’s time to get up. The face and dial also illuminate to make it easy to view in the dark.

Illuminated World Time Alarm Clock

Need an alarm clock that you can take with you on the go? This tiny, world time clock is very handy to have whenever you’re travelling. You can adjust it to display the time for 18 major world destinations. You can also adjust and view the time, month, date, day, indoor temperature, and more. There are even different language options so you can select your preference. Choose from English, Spanish, French, Italian or German. A bonus feature is that the clock doubles as a flashlight. It’s a very convenient clock to have in any traveller’s arsenal.

Granby Alarm Clock

The Granby alarm clock is a contemporary timepiece that’s designed to dress up any table top that it’s on. It’s made of jade glass with a curved top and tapered sides, and has a classic Roman numeral dial. It’s chic and perfect for any modern home or business.

If you need a new alarm clock or any type of clock for your home or business, we carry a wide assortment of timepieces here at Frankenmuth Clock Company. Browse our online store today to find what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.