Moravian Christmas Stars: Not Just a Holiday Decoration

by Gregory Burton

Moravian Christmas Stars: Not Just a Holiday Decoration

If you have German roots in your family tree, chances are might have come across the Moravian Christmas star at some point. These funky, celestial shapes have become a popular décor piece around Christmas and even outside of the holidays. Despite their simple beauty, they have a long and unique history behind them. Read on to learn more about these unique pendants.

What is the Moravian Star?

The Moravian star is a very popular symbol today used to decorate windows, doors and Christmas trees. What makes this star unique is its sphere-like center which is made up of 8 triangular cones and 18 squares that project 26 points, making it a truly eye-catching and beautiful spectacle. You can find them in all sorts of different sizes. Though these are most popular around the holidays, they can be found adorning many homes year-round.

They Were First Made by German Students

Moravian stars first emerged back in the 19th century and were created by German students who attended the Moravian boarding school. With its intricate geometrical shape made up of 12 pentagrammic faces, it was used as part of students’ geometry lessons, and became known as a great stellated dodecahedron. When the students finished making these, members of the Moravian church would then take them along with them as they embarked on missionary work.

They Represent the Star of Bethlehem

This star is probably more commonly recognized around Christmas time since it’s become an avid symbol of the star of Bethlehem. During the holiday season, it can be found in many nativity scenes throughout Advent. 

It’s a Modern Statement Piece

Despite its religious roots, many who feature this star in their homes today do so for aesthetic purposes without any religious affiliation. It’s also been transformed into modern pendant lights that get hung above dining room tables, or in a cozy reading nook or used as a focal point to embellish any area of the home. It’s an elegant feature you can incorporate just about anywhere for a uniquely ornate decoration.

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