How to Shop for an Authentic German Clock

by Gregory Burton

Looking to add an authentic German clock to your collection? These clocks are classic, unique and add character to any home décor. But before you settle on a purchase, it’s important to make sure that what you see is really what you’re getting. With the amount of cheap imitations floating around the world, it can be easy to mistake a knock-off for an authentic piece. Plus, there are a number of design features to choose from. To help guide you in your purchase, here are some points to take note of when shopping for authentic German clocks.

Determine Your Budget

If you’re making the effort to find that quality authentic German clock for your home, then determining your budget will be the first step. Quality is the essential ingredient and it’s what has made these timeless pieces such distinguished and desirable items. There are ways to find authentic, quality clocks at different price ranges. Always determine your budget before shopping around.

Look For The VdS Seal And Certificate

In an effort to preserve the quality and craftsmanship of cuckoo clocks that have originated from the region known as the Black Forest in Germany, a certificate and seal of approval must be accompanied with the clock. Blast Forest wood carvers are known as the best in the world at what they do. So, in order to credit authentic pieces, look for a VdS Seal and a Black Forest Clock Association certificate.

Select Your Style Of Preference

Choosing a style of preference is what to look for and consider third. There are a variety of different styles that you can choose from. The main two styles – Traditional and Chalet – both embody different characteristics in their designs and give them each a distinct, renowned look.

Traditional German clocks are renowned for having deep carvings, rich stains and hand-carved designs that include elements of the wild and natural world, such a trees and animals.

Chalet clocks on the other hand, offer more animated and whimsical characteristics such as painted figurines, bell ringers, mill wheels and other lively elements.

Select Movement Of The Clock

The movement of a clock refers to the mechanisms that keep time, as well as the functions required for accuracy, performance and alterations like winding it. There are two standard movements to choose from: Mechanical and Quartz.

Mechanical movement is the most common in authentic German cuckoo clocks and has been used for centuries. The great part about mechanical designs is that they don’t require electricity to operate. They’re simple powered by the combination of gravity and powered weights.

Quartz movements are battery operated, with electronic simulations of the cuckoo clocks. These are generally priced lower and are easy to maintain.

Select Music

German folk songs have been a core component for years when it comes to authentic German clocks, so this is another key factor to consider.  There are two songs in particular that are most commonly incorporated into these clocks – The Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss, along with some German beer drinking songs.

Certain clocks will play their tunes at set times, one, or multiple times a day. So figure out what you would enjoy the most to help narrow down your search.

When you begin your search for an authentic German clock, just remember that your style of preference and budget should be the leading factors that help you narrow down your selection. Always look for those stamps of authenticity that will ensure you’re getting the real deal and not some imitation that won’t stand the test of time.

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