How to Find the Appropriate Batteries for Your Clock

by Gregory Burton

Clocks that are battery operated are always convenient to have around the home or office, especially when you don’t have electrical outlets accessible or if there’s a sudden power outage, you won’t be left scrambling to get to work on time. However, when the batteries die, it can leave you scratching your head to determine how to find the appropriate batteries for your clock. If you purchased the clock at a garage sale, flea market, or don’t have the manufacturer’s manual to indicate the specific type, it can be tough to identify when you’re out shopping. That’s why we’re here to help! Here are our quick tips to find the right batteries.

Look for Battery Requirements on the Back

If you can’t tell what type of battery is just by looking at it, then open up the battery panel, remove the current batteries (if you haven’t done so already), and look for a sticker. There’s usually one placed here to indicate the specific type of battery required, so when you’re out shopping, you can ask someone to point you in the right direction to find them in store. Otherwise, it could be imprinted onto the plastic.

Bring the Dead Batteries with You

Of course, if that fails, you could just take the dead batteries with you and search your local electronics store or ask a handy employee what type of battery it is and where to find it.

Bring it into a Specialized Clock Store

If you happened to pick up your new clock at a garage sale or flea market without any batteries included, and without any information about the type needed, your best bet is to leave it to the pros and bring it into a specialized clock store. There’s no better person to identify the exact battery you need than a clock guru. And, in many cases, they’ll have all the battery options available for you to purchase right in store.

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