How Often Should I Service My Clock?

by Gregory Burton

Your clock can last a long time, but only if you provide the proper care and service when needed. Whatever type of clock you have, you will need to oil and clean your clock periodically to ensure it functions at its best. If you’ve never serviced a clock before and are unsure of how often it needs to be maintained, don’t fret! These quick tips will help you understand what to do.


Oiling Your Clock

To keep your clock in good condition you will need to oil your clock’s working parts. Most clocks should be oiled every two to three years to maximize longevity and ensure proper functioning. You can oil on your own, or bring your clock to a professional maintenance technician. However if oiling a clock on your own, use the right materials and follow instructions carefully as regular household oils, over-oiling the clock, or applying it to the wrong parts can cause significant damage to your clock, interrupt proper function, or lead to early clock failure.

Use a small amount of petroleum oil and oil only levers or cams that rub or lift other parts. Do NOT oil the gear teeth.

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Cleaning Out Dust

Dust can also damage your clock by slowing it down or causing it to malfunction altogether. To clean your clock, you will need to remove some of the parts and clean right down to the dial. All clocks parts can be delicate under pressure, and if you are unsure of what you’re doing, you can cause certain parts to move or break. If pivot points are dirty, they can be partially cleaned with alcohol and a cotton swab, or consult with your local clock maker for regular maintenance and cleaning.


Frankenmuth Clock Company Service & Maintenance

We employ a full team of trained clock repair specialists to repair, maintain, and clean cuckoo clocks, antique clocks, wall clocks, and grandfather clocks. We’re always happy to help service your clock, or provide you with the information and guidance you need to fix or maintain your clock on your own.