Don’t Decorate with German Holiday Ornaments? You Should!

by Gregory Burton

Don’t Decorate with German Holiday Ornaments? You Should!


Do you love collecting and decorating your home with holiday ornaments? If so, then you probably get as excited as we do when we find a unique holiday decoration that no one else has. If you want to complete your Christmas experience this year, come visit us at Frankenmuth Clock Company to see our huge selection of one-of-a-kind German holiday ornaments. We have everything, from ginger cottage mantel displays to holiday clocks, to music boxes and more. Here’s just a sneak peek at some of our favourites on sale now.

Ginger Cottages

These adorable mini cottages are cleverly designed to reveal a special surprise inside! Just add a miniature tree light bulb, and the secret will appear. We offer a wide range of cottages, including the Christmas market, Ginger Clock Tower, covered bridges, Santa’s workshop, Polar post office and ski lodges, just to name a few. We even have ginger cottages that showcase your favourite dog breeds, such as the pug cottage, corgi, poodle, and many more.

Cottage Smokers

Cottage smokers are classic Bavarian ornaments. Similar to ginger cottages, with these you can place an incense stick inside and watch as the smoke comes out of the chimney. These even come with a pack of gingerbread-scented cone incense that’s perfect for the holidays. So if you’re looking for a unique mantelpiece to impress your family and friends, a cottage smoker is the way to go.

Elf Lamps

Add a heartwarming accent to your home for Christmas with our quaint and charismatic Elf lamp. Featuring handcrafted wood detailing, LED lighting, stunning engravings, and the timeless poem “A visit from St. Nicholas,” this lamp is an ideal addition to any holiday collection.

Ornamental Music Boxes

For those who love music boxes, we also offer stunning ornamental ones that feature intricate designs and life-like models on top. Some of our favourites include the Christmas tree box made with a tree and train design on top, the Snow Queen’s Castle, showcasing a castle design and the Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairies song, as well as the Hansel and Gretel music box with a gingerbread house and witch included.

Decorate with German holiday ornaments this season and add something truly unique and original to your home. Come visit us at the Frankenmuth Clock Company to browse through our selection or visit us online to check out the type of quality products that we carry.