Child-Proofing Your Clock

by Michael Nestell

We don’t often think in great detail about our clocks because they are such common instruments in our lives. But children see clocks differently than us - sometimes as a toy and other times as a climbing apparatus, depending on the clock. And because of this, clocks can be dangerous to children if you don’t take the necessary precautions for child-proofing your clock. Here we show you some simple things you can do to ensure you keep your timepieces working they way the should be and out of children’s reach.

Child Proofing Your Clock

Grandfather Clock

To you, it’s a beautiful, timeless antique, but to your child, it’s a tower worth climbing. To keep your child and clock safe, store your grandfather clock in a room that’s off limits and inaccessible. If you prefer to keep it on display, you can corner it off with some larger furniture or put a baby gate around it to block the kids from being able to reach it until they get a bit older. Keeping clocks out of reach is one of the best ways for child-proofing your clock until they are older and no longer pose a danger.

Bedside Clock

Your bedside clock ensures that you get up for work on time, but if your child plays or bangs on it, you might end up being late for work. Instead, place your bedside clock on a surface they cannot reach, like a tall dresser.

Cuckoo Clock

The cuckoo clock can seem like a toy to a child with toy-like birds and sweet sounds. But those delicate parts can be deadly if swallowed and some parts are also sharp. Ensure your cuckoo clock is out of your child’s grasp and check that the parts are securely fastened.

Electric Clocks

Electric clocks like alarm clocks pose a danger to children if they get a hold of the electrical cords. Always place your clock out of reach and ensure that the cords are properly tucked away.

Battery-Operated Clocks

Kids love putting things in their mouth, and batteries are just small enough to become a choking hazard if retrieved. Simply apply a piece of duct tape to conceal your batteries on all of your battery-operated clocks in your home.

Clock Hands

Those little clock hands that help tell time can also become a choking hazard if removed. If you have kids, make sure only to buy clocks that have hands encased in glass or a plastic outer shell.

Your clock is both a time telling device and collectible. And very few of us think about the hazards that can occur if your child gets a hold of your clock. Think ahead and use these tips for child-proofing your clock to keep it and your child safe.