5 Ways to Gift a Clock

by Gregory Burton

A clock has always been a well-received gift. But some clocks make better gifts for certain occasions than others. Check out the 5 best ways to gift a clock to a friend or loved one!


If you want to give a memorable housewarming gift that someone will actually use now and years down the road, a mantel clock is a perfect choice. These types of clocks are highly ornate and decorative and can instantly add a little warmth to their living room.


Retirement is a big deal. Present your loved one with a remarkable gift that will truly honor their service – like a Howard Miller Clock. Why Howard Miller? This brand is renowned for its sophisticated and elegant timepieces. Gifting one of these clocks will reward their devotion to their career with great distinction.


Need to buy a gift for the friend or relative that has everything? Surprise them with a fun gift that they’ll never expect. A miniature specialty clock is a perfect gift when you want to give something that’s both entertaining and functional. With so many different models to choose from, you can find a perfect themed clock for everyone on your shopping list.

Christmas Gift

Surprise a loved one with a gift under the tree that they will cherish for years to come. A custom wall clock can make a wonderful present for a living room, bedroom or kids space. Choose from fun animal characters, antique solid wood finishes, classic nautical shaped clocks, contemporary pendulum styles, roman numerals and many more. Want to really impress someone? Gift a Black Forest cuckoo clock, one of the finest timepieces ever made.

Wedding Anniversary

One gift that will never go underappreciated is a grandfather clock. Known for its timeless elegance, a grandfather clock is a status piece that makes a big statement no matter where its placed. If you want to show your appreciation and undying love to your spouse, there’s no better way to do it than with a classic timepiece like an antique grandfather clock.

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