5 Things that Make Dalvey Watches Superior

by Gregory Burton

5 Things that Make Dalvey Watches Superior


Dalvey started off as a company that created Duncan MacRae bagpipes in 1897. Nearly a century later, the well-respected Scottish company moved into creating men’s accessories and completely rebranded itself after being acquired by Sir Patrick Grant. Today, the company offers a diverse range of products, from cufflinks, to money clips, to classic pocket watches, to attractive wristwatches and more. With Dalvey, you can find a design that matches your style, whether it’s simple and elegant or high-performance and masculine. Here are just some of the highlights of that make Dalvey watches superior to others.

Striking Designs

With Dalvey, it’s easy to find the perfect watch to match your style. Whether you’re looking for an open-face quartz pocket watch, a full hunter pocket watch, a trendy skeletal watch, or a classic chronograph, torque, roadster, or continental, Dalvey has something for you. Every stylish timepiece comes with a stunning, non-allergenic stainless steel or genuine leather band, and offers a unique look, combining a rich textured design, precision stitching, and state-of-the-art performance.

Precision Mechanical Movement

The Dalvey brand also offers precise mechanical movement that stands apart from the rest. Each timepiece comes with either quality swiss or high-performance quartz movement.

Beautiful Detailed Face

All timepieces have been created with the Dalvey man in mind — an independent and discerning figure, inquiring, and broadminded. Each watch offers a striking face, bold contrast in design, a medley of masculine and elegant notes and, of course, exceptional quality.

Renowned Craftsmanship

Only Dalvey offers precision crafting that encompasses decades of innovation. Still based in the Highlands of Scotland, all Dalvey timepieces demonstrate the importance of the company’s identity and brand — beautifully designed watches that are made using the highest standards to ensure top-notch craftsmanship.

Incredible Attention to Detail

Although each watch is unique in design, they all share one common attribute — they’re crafted with the finest attention to detail. And with each watch, you’ll get precision forged cases that have been at the heart of the company since its origin. 

Dalvey is the ideal gentleman’s accessory. When you’re looking for a high-performance piece that can elevate your style with a unique, elegant, and eye-catching design, the Dalvey Brand is guaranteed to deliver. And when you’re ready to add a new timepiece to your collection, visit the Frankenmuth Clock Company. We carry all sorts of timepieces, including Dalvey watches!