5 Ornaments to Add to Your Christmas Tree This Year

by Gregory Burton

Is your Christmas tree looking a little dull this year? It might be time to throw out some of your old decorations and swap them for a few eye-catching ones instead. Traditional, handcrafted and elegant, our array of ornaments can transform your tree into a unique, whimsical, and captivating décor feature. Here are 5 ornaments to add to your Christmas tree this year that will get everyone talking.

Music Ornaments

If you’re a music lover or performer, mini instrument ornaments can showcase your talent and love. These silver and gold ornaments come in a range of styles and each one is completely unique from the next. Electric guitars, saxophones, clarinets, treble clefs, trumpets, drums, pianos, and trombones are just a few of the options available that will spruce up your tree or make excellent gift toppers for your music-loving friends and relatives.

Key Ornaments

Unlock the meaning of Christmas with these stunning key ornaments. Handmade and plated in 24 karat gold, this is one ornament that will get people talking. Key ornaments are a great way to commemorate a milestone like a wedding or an anniversary. If you’ve just moved into a new home, it can also be used to memorialize that special date. Keys can also signify a commitment, making it a perfect gift topper for your significant other.

Christmas Décor Classics

If you’re looking for a classier set of ornaments, we highly recommend gold and brass décor classics to give your tree a touch of elegance. Each classic ornament sold by Frankenmuth is 100% handmade and precision cut with care. In our shop, you’ll find all the décor favorites like Christmas candles, elegant presents, beautiful bells, glistening sleighs, and timeless bows that will look gorgeous against either white or multicolored lights.

Christmas Characters

At Frankenmuth Clock Company, you can also find all of Santa’s friends beautifully handcrafted and finished in 24 karat gold. We even offer a holiday classic that is rarely found in ornament form - the Nutcracker. The intricate screen plated details and vivid colors will make these Christmas ornaments stand out perfectly against the green backdrop. Rudolph, Santa, and Frosty are also a fantastic gift topper for the kids or grandchildren — a gift they can cherish for decades to come.

Honorable Ornaments

Celebrate someone or even your country with our collection of Across America ornaments. Loved ones who have served in the Army, Marines, or Coast Guard will appreciate having an ornament hung high in their honor. We also have a variety of White House ornaments that pay tribute to past presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Each ornament is delicately crafted and precision cut to symbolize the rich history and heritage of our homeland.

Browse through all of our Christmas decorations for your tree today, either online or in our Michigan shop at the Frankenmuth Clock Company.