5 German Hand-Carved Wood Souvenirs

by Gregory Burton

5 German Hand-Carved Wood Souvenirs

Looking for a German souvenir to give to a family member or friend? While there are lots to choose from, if you really want to impress, here are a few of the best German-made, hand-carved wood souvenirs to consider.

Cuckoo Clocks

Anyone with German roots will appreciate the intricate and artistic details of a cuckoo clock. These are steeped in Bavarian culture, originating from the Black Forest region. They’ve become an iconic part of German heritage as each authentic piece is hand-carved, hand-painted and aptly displays different traditional German themes. 

Beer Steins

Like many European nations, beer is a staple part of the German culture, which is why it’s celebrated every year with Oktoberfest. Beer stein mugs are a must-have for drinking beer in Germany! These traditional mugs are not only designed to keep your beer covered and contained, but they’re neat to look at. You can choose from stone, wood, porcelain, silver, and glass. Many authentic stein mugs are hand-carved and hand-painted, depicting traditional Bavarian landscapes and scenes.


Did you know that nutcrackers also originated in Germany? It’s said that a wealthy farmer wanted an easier way to crack open nuts, so he challenged local villagers to create a solution and offered a reward for anyone who succeeded. Alas, it was a puppet maker who thought of using a wooden doll with a levered mouth to crack open the nut. Now, these nutcrackers can be found in homes throughout Germany and around the world, especially during the holidays. But for many Germans, they are whimsical and charming decorative pieces that are believed to ward off evil spirits as well. So they’re often kept on display any time of the year. You can find a range of different themes and costumes to choose from.

Wooden Figurines

For anyone who loves fairytales and folklore, wooden figurines are an ideal German-made souvenir to give. In fact, many of the fairy tales that we grew up with originated in Germany, created by women who wanted something to entertain them and pass the time at home. You can find all sorts of carvings, including gnomes, animals, beer drinkers, and more.

German Antique Furniture

If you’re buying for someone really special, a piece of antique German furniture is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Many of the Renaissance-inspired designs are hard to find throughout North America. And antique pieces are usually made from high-quality wood with precision workmanship that you just can’t find today.

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