5 Clocks that Will Make the Ultimate Christmas Gift

by Gregory Burton

Giving a clock as a gift is a nice sentiment but it’s also much more than that. Clocks have both monetary and sentimental value, especially ones that are made in Germany. They’re often passed on from generation to the next and cherished as family heirlooms. If you want to give a meaningful gift to a family member or close friend, consider the following clocks that will make the ultimate Christmas gift this year.

Howard Miller Clocks

When buying someone a clock, it’s important that you buy from a brand that stands for quality and craftsmanship, and the Howard Miller brand is infamous for this. Impeccable workmanship and unsurpassed quality, these clocks hold a certain prestige. And for decades, Howard Miller clocks have been the standard when it comes to special occasions - wedding, anniversary and Christmas gifts. With so many options to choose from – wall clocks, floor clocks, tabletop clocks and more - there’s no shortage of excellent centerpieces or accent clocks to give as gifts.

Novelty Cuckoo Clocks

What do you get for someone who loves unique things? A novelty cuckoo clock is what! Featuring intricate and unique wood carvings, this less-traditional style of cuckoo clocks is much more than just a clock, it’s also a story. Each novelty clock is handcrafted to look just like a traditional German log cabin or animal-shaped design. They are playful and modern but still hold the attributes of their classic clock counterparts which is why they’re the perfect gift for those who love to hold rare décor pieces. 

Collectible Black Forest Timepieces

If you prefer to gift something a little more elegant, an original Black Forest cuckoo clock is the right choice. Black Forest wood carvers and clockmakers are considered the best in the world. Each clock is handmade and crafted out of the finest materials. These clocks hold high value among clock collectors and enthusiasts alike as they are made by clockmakers who preserve the rich history of the trade. Black Forest cuckoo clocks are also incredibly beautiful and can instantly add a touch of sophistication and class to any room.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

Looking to give a gift that will increase in value? A grandfather clock holds high investment value when they are properly maintained and stored. These timeless classics become a distinguishable feature in any room.

Mantel Clocks

If you’re leaning towards a smaller clock for your recipient, mantel clocks are an ideal piece to add some character to anyone’s home. They’re simple, classic, and come in a variety of styles to suit a tabletop or mantel.

Frankenmuth Clock Company carries a large assortment of clocks with every style you can think of, including rare cuckoo clocks. Find the perfect clock for your recipients this year by browsing through our selection today!