3 Reasons to Use an Old-Fashioned Alarm Clock

by Gregory Burton

3 reasons to use a physical alarm clock

It’s hard to part with our smartphones these days, especially when they can do almost everything we need them to do, like keep us up-to-date on the news, connect us to family and friends, and keep us organized. Even though we depend on them as much as we do, they’re not always the most dependable solution when it comes to certain things — like making sure you get up for work on time. Ask anyone, and they’ll have a few good horror stories to share about how convenient it is until it just decides not to go off one morning. Suddenly, you’re left scrambling to get up and make yourself look presentable for life in the span of 10 minutes. Here are three good reasons to use a physical alarm clock instead of your phone.

Battery Life

Unless you’re reading this blog in the far and distant future, chances are your phone is still running on a battery that needs to be charged every six to ten hours. This means if you forget to plug it in at night, you could be left snoozing the next morning. We’ve all been there before — you have an important meeting, so you set your alarm clock on your phone, and then forget to plug it in to charge before drifting off to sleep. The next thing you know, you’re waking up a few minutes before the meeting is set to start with no one to blame but yourself (and your smartphone!).

Silent Feature

Then there’s the silent feature. The setting you activate before you go to bed to avoid being disturbed while you read or try to unwind. The feature you always happen to forget to turn back to the ringer before you fall asleep which prevents your alarm from sounding off and waking you up in the morning. Alternatively, with a physical alarm clock, you can use your silent feature on your phone and still depend on your alarm clock without having to worry.

Fewer Distractions

If you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night looking for the time, it’s a lot easier to check a physical alarm clock and get back to sleep than it is to check your phone. Why? Because your phone is extremely distracting. Plus, as soon as you activate the screen, that glaring blue light can jolt your entire body awake, making it difficult to get back into a night of deep REM sleep. With a physical alarm clock, you can just roll over, take a quick look, and back to sleep.

For a life of less anxiety and rushed, chaotic mornings, we recommend using a physical alarm clock over a smartphone. That way you won’t have to worry so much and can feel confident that you’ll be woken each morning without any hiccups.