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Novelty Quartz Tabletop Chalet w/ Boy

Novelty Quartz Tabletop Chalet w/ Boy

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085Q-Novelty Quartz Tabletop Chalet with Boy

This novelty cuckoo clock has the option to cuckoo the hour each hour, or play one of 12 melodies. It also has an off position.  Can be hung on the wall or set on a table.

List of QM Melodies:  

  1. Music Box Dancer
  2. Muss I Dean Yum…(Wooden Heart)
  3. Zhivago-Melodie 
  4. Mühle I’m Schwarzwald (Black Forest Mill)
  5. Bacarole
  6. Ich Weiss Night, Was Soll Es Bedeuten (The Lorelei)
  7. Oh Mein Papa 
  8. Fröhlicher Wanderer (Happy Wanderer)

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