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    45 products

    Frankenmuth Clock Company: Mantel Clocks

    Many people will remember the days when the chime of the mahogany mantel clock signaled tea time on Sunday afternoon and time for the family to gather for dinner on Sunday night. Since their inception, mantel clocks have been a timeless classic in the traditional home. Chiming every hour, on the hour, these rhythmic clocks quickly became a staple in homes across the world, used to keep the home on schedule long before the invent of digital watches and personal technology devices.

    Keeping this beautiful tradition alive, Frankenmuth Clock Company offers a wide selection of traditional and contemporary mantel clocks to fit the modern home. We offer anniversary clocks and rhythm mantel clocks and contemporary and traditional table clocks in a wide variety of premium finishes including elegant oak, rich mahogany, cherry stain and more. We also carry Bulova wall, mantel and table clocks, Hermle & Howard Miller wall, mantel, table & floor clocks, ship’s bell clocks, and contemporary pendulum clocks.

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