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German Nutcrackers

Looking for the perfect Christmas décor piece? A Frankenmuth German Nutcracker is a timeless classic that’s perfect to add to your home. These hand-painted, handcrafted wooden dolls pay homage to the infamous Christmas tale – The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. Featuring exquisite detailing, these originally designed German toys can create a festive display for your mantelpiece or centrepiece in your home. They also make thoughtful gifts and stocking stuffers for all your loved ones, especially the kids if they’ve recently seen the magic of the Nutcracker ballet at the theatre. Celebrate the holidays with our amazing selection of German nutcrackers offered at incredible prices.

A Wide Variety of German Nutcrackers

The Nutcracker King and Solider are the most popular figures thanks to the ballet production, but there are many other themed designs for you to collect or give away as gifts. Browse our collection below and you’ll find famous characters from the ballet, like the Mouse King and unique editions like the Scottish Bag Pipe Nutcracker, the Bavarian Man, the Drosselmeyer, and the Baker and Miner, to name a few. For the collectors out there, we also carry full-sized designs such as the Santa Nutcracker and Red Coated King that are hard to come by.

Fun Decorative Element

There are plenty of ways you can use your German Nutcracker doll to decorate your home around the holidays. Small nutcrackers can be lined up along the mantel or placed on a small side table for a colorful, festive display. Miniature ones can be tucked along the branches of the Christmas tree to add even more warmth and joy to your home. The options are endless!

Beautifully Crafted and Painted

German Nutcrackers became a popular decoration here in the USA after the war, when soldiers began bringing them home for the holidays as gifts. Today, you can find many Nutcrackers in stores around the country, but few are authentic ones that are made in Germany. At Frankenmuth, we never sell fake or plastic collectibles. We only sell the highest quality, authentic German Nutcrackers, smokers, and handcrafted ornaments in our store. Every Nutcracker doll that we offer is made in Germany, hand-painted with festive colors, and decorated with traditional accents such as crowns, beards, and batons.

The Nutcracker figurine is a staple part of Christmas decorating. Get in the holiday spirit by browsing through our exclusive online shop to find premium wooden German Nutcrackers and other German souvenirs.

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