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2067PQ - Novelty Standing 5 Leaf Mantel Clock with Trees
Frankenmuth Clock & German Gift Co.

Frankenmuth Clock Company: Handcrafted, Imported German Cuckoo Clocks

Frankenmuth Clock Company is one of the leading cuckoo clock providers in the U.S., with hundreds of genuine Black Forest cuckoo clocks on display and available for online shipping orders to the U.S., Canada and internationally.

We offer a wide variety of cuckoo clocks, including 1 day movement clocks that require daily winding and 8 day movement clocks that require winding only once a week. We offer musical cuckoo clocks, table cuckoo clocks, quartz cuckoo clocks, and cuckoo clocks with moving elements. Feel the excitement every hour, on the hour with lively melodies and interactive, moving elements including dancers, wood chopping, fishermen, beer maidens, and more.

Our cuckoo clocks are 100% authentic and handcrafted, imported from the Black Forest Region of Germany. We have high standards of quality and are committed to delivering only the best clocks, crafted with hand-painted details and genuine cast iron pine cone weights. We have everything you need including a cuckoo clock repair guide in case you run into issues with your cuckoo clock.

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