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Quartz Woodchopper & Waterwheel Chalet

Quartz Woodchopper & Waterwheel Chalet

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KU494QM - Quartz Chalet w/ Woodchopper & Waterwheel

This clock features an animated wood chopper. The clock will cuckoo the hour each hour, followed by 1 of 12 melodies. As the melody plays, the wood chopper moves his axe up and down, while the waterwheel turns. Auto night shut-off turns the music & cuckoo off when the room becomes dark. Quartz, battery operated movement requires 3 c-cell batteries. 

Measures approximately H: 11" x W: 12" x D: 7"

Made in Germany. 

List Price $635.00

List of QM Melodies: 1) Happy Wanderer 2) Edelweiss 3) Dr. Zhivago 4) Swan Lake 5) He was beautifull (Theme song “Deer Hunter”) 6) Lorelei 7) Home sweet Home 8) Sound of Silence 9) Clementine 10) The Entertainer (Theme song from “Sting”) 11) Love Theme of the movie “The Godfather” 12) Fur Elise