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Trenkle 3 C-Cell Quartz Musical Movement

Trenkle 3 C-Cell Quartz Musical Movement

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AMQ3T/Kit - Trenkle 3 C-Cell Quartz Musical Movement

Intended for repair/replacement only.

Kit is complete with all screws, mounting hardware, cuckoo door assembly, & hands. Includes 1 set of wooden hands (1 1/2" Long Minute Hand). Also includes 2 plastic weights & weight holder assembly. Pendulum not included.

Uses 3 C Cell batteries. Music can be manually turned off to function as a non-musical movement. Includes auto night off eye located in the switch plate. Movement will cuckoo the hour OR cuckoo the hour and play music each hour. There is an option to shut the music off so it will only cuckoo.

Upper unit includes outside cuckoo door frame. Top unit is approx. 2.75" wide, 1.75" tall, 2.25" depth. The bottom unit is 3.25" wide, 3.75" to bottom of pendulum hanger. Plays one of 5 melodies every hour. The hand shaft length is approximately 1/2", to the tip.

No directions included. Tech time is not included.
Movements are tested in house before shipping.
No Warranty. No Returns. No Refunds.

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