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Engstler 3 C-Cell Quartz Musical Movement

Engstler 3 C-Cell Quartz Musical Movement

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AMQ3E/Kit - 3 Cell Quartz Cuckoo Clock Movement Kit

Kit Includes:

1 - 3 Cell Quartz Cuckoo Movement w/ Speaker

1 - Cuckoo Bird House 

1 - Quartz Cuckoo Clock Weight Hanger

1 - Set of 1 1/8" Cream Plastic Hands 

2 - Plastic Pine Cone Shaped Weights

Approximate Measurements: 

Top Bird Unit: H: 1-7/16" x W: 2-15/16" x D: 2 ⅞"

Bottom Unit: H: 3-9/16" (to bottom of pendulum hanger) x W: 3 ¼" X D: 2 ⅞"  

Hand Shaft is ⅜" 

Includes necessary screws/doors for the cuckoo bird. Instructions for operation are included. Made by Engstler. This movement cuckoos every hour, and plays 1 of 12 melodies after. Speaker is in the bottom unit. Electric eye installed above dial. Does not include pendulum. You may order any 1-Day cuckoo pendulum.

Made in Germany

**Movements change periodically. Some case modification may be necessary. Installation often requires some experience**
*Movement is tested prior to shipping*


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