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KU6764M - 1 Day Musical Biergarten with Zenzi

1 Day Musical Peddler

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KU6768M - 1 Day with Moving Doll Peddler

The bird cuckoos on the hour and half hour. After it cuckoos it will play one of 2 songs. While the music is playing, the dancers will rotate on the platform, the peddler lifts his umbrella, and the water wheel turns. The clock also features 3 dogs, a bridge, a hand carved tree, and a wood pile. Six feet of chain will hang below clock with three pine cone shaped cast weights. Night shut off lever. Wooden Case.

Measures approximately H: 11 ½" x W: 14" x D: 8"
2 Year Warranty
Made in Germany.
Genuine Certified Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.
List Price $1239.00

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