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C1515 - Tamlen

The oversized hardwood case is finished and a dark brown cherry with heavy distressing including wormhole accents and cuts. Closed bonnet design with a arge, heavily carved shell pattern is used at the top of this clock and matching scroll columns flank the front beside the glass panel on front. Metal dial with faux lunar design and raised numerals with corner spandrels. The formal pendulum is a lyre style and swings. Bulova Harmonic triple-chime movement plays choice of Westminster, Ave Maria or Bim-Bam melody on the hour. Quarter-hour Westminster chime and strike available. Adjustable volume control. 

Dimensions: H: 36" x W: 16.7" x D: 7.75"
Quartz, battery operated.
2 Year Warranty
List Price $1,215.00

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