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Marble Stars

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4MH431-WU23 - Marble Stars

Your love of music has always stood the test of time and now you can share that love with your guests by adding this beautiful Marble Stars Musical Motion wall clock to your home. Featuring an oval shaped frame, it instantly adds an air of grace to any room in which it hangs. But, it's the dial that really catches your eye - and your ear.

On the hour (or whenever you press the demonstration button), the cleanly readable dial springs to life, splitting open and dancing along to one of the 28 melodies. This spectacle is bolstered on either side by gold-tone trumpeters and bell-ringers, while a Swarovski crystal accented pendulum twirls at the bottom. The picture is completed by a castle-like display filling in the top portion. And thanks to an auto night shut-off feature, you can rest easy at night knowing there won't be any after-hour encores.

Measures Approximately: H: 18 ½" x W: 16" x D: 5"
List Price: $628.00

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