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625-166 - Gallery Wall Clock

625-166 - Gallery Wall Clock

Frankenmuth Clock Company

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625-166 - Gallery Wall Clock

Crisp, clean, flawless, and easy on the eyes, this stylish yet understated analog wall clock makes the perfect finishing touch for nearly any space. Whether you’re seeking a well-designed timepiece for the office, the classroom, the living room, or the bedroom, this effortless option fits in beautifully thanks to its neutral color palette and simple and approachable silhouette. You can easily position it anywhere, and its simplicity works in its favor, making it a particularly versatile accent.

The appeal of a basic yet decorative wall clock made with enduring materials cannot be denied. In its most sophisticated form, this striking clock is reflective of iconic, timeless, and highly reliable style. The piece blends seamlessly with other elements in the room thanks to its bright white dial and strong black case. This 16” clock also features Arabic numerals and hands behind flawless glass crystal, making it easy to read and contributing to its pristine, no-fuss appearance.

Diameter: 16"
1 Year Warranty
List Price $108.50

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