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Novelty Cuckoo with Edelweiss Flowers

Novelty Cuckoo with Edelweiss Flowers

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2017PQ-Novelty Cuckoo with Edelweiss Flowers

This clock cuckoos on the hour or plays 1 of 12 melodies. Pendulum swings continuously. Battery operated. 

List of QM Melodies:  

  1. Music Box Dancer
  2. Muss I Dean Yum…(Wooden Heart)
  3. Zhivago-Melodie 
  4. Mühle I’m Schwarzwald (Black Forest Mill)
  5. Bacarole
  6. Ich Weiss Night, Was Sold Es Bedeuten (The Lorelei)
  7. Oh Mein Papa 
  8. Fröhlicher Wanderer (Happy Wanderer)
  9. Que Sera
  10. Edelweiss
  11. Für Elise (Pour Elise)
  12. Clementine

Measures Approximately: H:6" x W: 4" x D: 3"
Made in Germany
List Price $94.00

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