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Norwood II

Norwood II

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C3514 - Norwood II

The Bulova Norwood II Chiming Wall Clock—16 in. Wide is a traditional masterpiece of timekeeping practicality and gorgeous craftsmanship. The solid hardwood case is stained in a rich brown cherry finish. Carved wood appliques dress the crown of the clock, and half-fluted columns and molding accents adorn the rest of the clock’s body. A lyre pendulum hangs behind glass. A harmonic chime movement plays “Westminster,” “Ave Maria,” or “Bim-Bam Melody.” Adjustable volume control is available, along with a nighttime shut-off feature.

Dimensions: H: 33.75" x W: 16" x D: 6.5"
Quartz, battery operated.
2 Year Warranty
List Price $740.00

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