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1 Day Musical Chalet w/Beer Drinker

1 Day Musical Chalet w/Beer Drinker

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KU6299M - 1 Day Musical Bavarian Chalet w/ Beer Drinker

This cuckoo clock features an animated beer drinker, who lifts his beer to his mouth. Also, there is a water wheel that turns as the dancers turn while the music box plays. Plays Drink Brother Drink & In Munich There's a Hofbrau House on the hour & half hour. 6 Feet of chain will hang below the clock. Walnut Stain. Night Shut Off Lever.

Measures approximately: H: 12" x W: 9 1/2" x D: 6 1/2"
2 Year Warranty

Made in Germany.
Genuine Certified Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.
List Price $1,202.50

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