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Cuckoo Clock Repair Made Simple by Tom Seaman

Cuckoo Clock Repair Made Simple
By Tom Seaman
New Edition!
Step by step repair and overhaul of the very popular German Regula #25 cuckoo movement.
Includes photos and text on a full cuckoo clock overhaul and maintenance.


Lenzkirch Clock Factory Lenzkirch Clock Factory
Winterhalder & Hofmeier Clocks
By Karl Kochmann

This book is the revised edition of Mr. Kochmann's classic volume on the clocks of the Lenzkirch Clock Factory and Winterhalder & Hofmeier Clocks. This book represents another chapter in Mr. Kochmann's continued work to document the industrialized clockmaking in the German Black Forest.
Clock Repair Basics Book

Clock Repair Basics
By Steven G. Conover
This book covers repair procedures for the beginner. It gives information and sources for all skill levels. It gives tips on what tools and equipment are helpful in the beginning. Paperback. 92 Pages.

Clock Repair Skills Book Clock Repair Skills
By Steven G. Conover
This book a follow up to Steven Conover's "Clock Repair Basics" book. It teaches intermediate level clock repair skills. Learn to replace gear teeth, make bushings, repivot arbors, adjust a recoil escapement, repair lantern pinions, and more! This book has 225 photos and drawings to help assist with the repair process.
Paperback. 92 Pages.
Chime Clock Repair Book

Chime Clock Repair
2nd Edition

By Steven G. Conover
The first two chapters discuss the basics of chime repair and common problems encountered at the work bench. Each of the other chapters focuses on a specific movement and provides detailed information in addition to general information concerning clock types. The movements that are discussed represent a cross section of the variety of chime work the repairer can expect to see at the bench. Paperback. 125 Pages.

Striking Clock Re[air Guide

Striking Clock Repair Guide
By Steven G. Conover
This book is a companion to the "Chime Clock Repair" book listed above. The idea of this book is to help the repairer by providing illustrated procedures for the repair and adjustment of specific movements. The focus of this book is on clocks which strike the hour and half hour. It is divided into three sections covering count wheel, rack & snail, and ship's bell movements. Each section leads off with a chapter which explains the basics of the category. Paperback. 90 Pages.

Repairing French Pendulum Clocks Book

Repairing French Pendulum Clocks
By Steven G. Conover
This book is a step by step guide on how to disassemble, repair, assemble, and adjust french pendulum clocks. It covers timepieces with a count wheel strike, a rack and snail strike, and morbier styles. It covers the sizing, removal, and installation of mainsprings. Brocot Escapement. Paperback. 92 Pages.

Temporarily Out of Stock

Temporarily Out of Stock
How to Make A Foliot Clock How to Make a Foliot Clock
By Steven G. Conover
This book includes plans for making your own one-day, one-hand, weight/cord driven, and foliot controlled clock. It provides step-by-step instructions and diagrams along with a complete tool and material list. The clock you will be making is inspired by a collector's item called the Columbus Clock. The Columbus Clock was an American made wooden timepiece from the 1890's. Paperback. 88 Pages.
Building an American Clock movement book Building an American Clock Movement
By Steven G. Conover
This book describes the construction of a classic American clock movement. Based on an actual Waterbury mechanism, the project has much in common with the millions of American clocks made between 1850 and 1930, during the clock industry's great era of mass production. As each part is made and fitted into the movement, the repairer gains greater knowledge and experience that is carried over into the repair of old clocks.
20 American Clocks Repair Book How To Repair 20 American Clocks
By Steven G. Conover
Learn to repair 20 American movements used in hundreds of clocks. Study the repair of the whole clock-case, dial, hands, and movement. Repair escapements, winding mechanisms, strike trains, and more.
Paperback. 140 Pages. 246 photos and drawings.

Grandfather Clocks Book #4 By Steven Conover
Grandfather Clocks Book #4
By Steven G. Conover
This book covers repairs to pivots and bushings, moon phase and date dials, gear teeth, threaded clicks,
strike mechanisms, loose pillars, and wooden movements. Paperback. 147 pages.

Herschede Repair Book

How To Repair Herschede Tubular Bell Clocks
Expanded Second Edition

By Steven G. Conover
This book is about the Herschede tubular bell movement- how to clean, repair, assemble, and test it.
This second edition includes the basic repair information from the 1986 edition, but much additional material has been added.
Paperback. 116 pages.

Tubular Bell Clocks Book #5 By Steven Conover

Tubular Bell Clocks Book #5
By Steven G. Conover
This book covers house call repair tips for tubular bell clocks, movement repair instructions, English and German tubular bell movements, and Herschede tubular bell clocks. Paperback. 125 pages.

Book 3 Escapements
Escapements Book #3
By Steven G. Conover
This book covers recoil, deadbeat, platform, pin pallet, pinwheel, half-deadbeat,
floating balance, and hairspring work escapements. Paperback. 159 pages.
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